Post tensioning Services

GVK Group is an Australian owned and managed business.

Offering Post Tensioning services from Cairns to Canberra with a highly experienced and friendly team of professionals using only top quality materials. GVK Group has delivered premium Post Tensioning services on some of the largest infrastructure projects in recent years. Our main goal is to ensure clients expectations are exceeded by delivering cost effective solutions ahead of tight construction schedules while ensuring our strict safety requirements are measured and met.
GVK Group continues to be the preferred Post Tensioning sub contractor, as evident in the repeat selection by clients to engage and work with us on their projects.

Design and Construct

GVK Group offer cost effective design and construct options that reduce conventional reinforcement, concrete thicknesses and cycle durations while maintaining high standards and meeting the clients specified deflection criteria. GVK are always striving to find value management options to give our clients the edge on their next project. This is done through close collaboration with our industry leading engineering partners who use their years of engineering knowledge and know how teamed with advanced engineering technology and software to be able to offer the most efficient design alternatives to present to our clients.

Supply and install

Already have your design? GVK will supply and install post tensioning to your specifications using only the highest quality materials in a safe and efficient manner.

Temporary movement joints

GVK will custom design, supply and install temporary movement joints using only the highest of quality materials to suit your individual site requirements. We can also offer to grout inject these at your specified requirements utilising various construction grouts to suit your specific application.

Pan filling

GVK offer the highest quality pan filling service which includes cleaning, epoxy prepping, concreting and grinding flat post tension pans.

Carbon fibre strengthening, design and pull testing

GVK offer various carbon fibre strengthening and remediation solutions for flexural strengthening of concrete structures using only the best carbon laminates from the Sika range. Carbon laminates can be applied in horizontal or vertical applications depending on design requirements. GVK offer both supply and install if you already have your design, or can provide a full design and installation package with our engineer who has extensive experience in remedial design solutions. We also offer pull off testing with full reporting capabilities using only the latest Defelsko adhesion testing.

Epoxy post tensioned truncation

GVK offer post tension epoxy wedging which forms an alternate dead end anchorage point allowing existing post tension tendons to then be terminated in a new location. This process is usually required when new penetrations are to be cut into existing slabs for retro fit outs. GVK can expose the tendon at the required wedge dimensions set out by the engineer, strip all galvanised ducting, remove pre existing grout from the strands and thoroughly clean and prep the wedge. We can then mix and pour a wide variety of epoxy products as specified by the engineer for the site specific wedging requirements.

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