Steel fixing Services

GVK Group provides prompt and professional steel fixing and post tensioning solutions to suit your project needs, while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of managers, foreman, leading hands, safety advisers and most importantly our professional work force deliver the highest quality service for your project.

Ground works reinforcement

GVK Group have experience in installing all of your ground work reinforcing from large raft slabs and lift shaft bases to column pads, which can be prefabricated to speed up installation time.

In situ reinforcement walls, capping beam and column

GVK Group are in situ specialists providing fast, safe and efficient installation of reinforcement where prefabricating is not an option.

Post Tensioning

GVK Group offer joint packages for reinforcement and Post Tensioning. Our team provides seamless solutions to integrate the reinforcement and post tension install to reduce install durations.

Prefabricated reinforcement

We prefabricate pad footings, crane bases, capping beams, walls and columns to help speed up the construction process.

Conventional Reinforcement slabs

The GVK team prides itself in delivering neat and quick conventionally reinforced slabs.

Mechanical connections

GVK Group precisely install a wide range of mechanical connections including Bar and coupler, temporary movement joints, permanent movement joints, pull out bars, MBT bar to bar connection system and shear studs.

Drill and Epoxy

GVK take care of your drill and epoxy needs by supplying and installing everything your project requires. We have skilled personnel to carry out works in a safe and timely manner as requested by the engineers.

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